Susan Williams
Hours of Operation:
Monday-Sunday, 11 a.m.-6 p.m. PT

About Susan Williams

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Four spirits appeared to Susan Williams in June 1994 and told her who they were through mental telepathy. They also revealed to Susan that her sole purpose was to help others through readings and channeling spiritual information. Moses, who spoke to God through the burning bush, is one of the spirits. An in-person Moses channeling session is a truly awesome experience you will never forget.
These four celestial beings guide Susan daily and speak through her to help others, which she has done for individuals worldwide. Her large and loyal clientele depend on her for answers, as well as newcomers who are amazed at her ongoing accuracy.
Susan is also a talented artist who works in different media to create extraordinary channeled paintings. Her art will soon be available online, and she also does private commissions.
Susan Williams

What Clients are Saying

“Susan is phenomenal!! She is indeed a very unique and insightful individual. She has been reading for me for over 5 years and her messages are spot on. She has the ability to pinpoint characters and personality of people she has never met, foresee the outcome of situations she has no knowledge and her intuitiveness will help you understand yourself more than you could have believed is possible. She tells you what she sees and not what she thinks you want to hear.
I have watched many of her insights/predictions into my life happen over the years and I treasure her guidance. I cannot say enough great things about Susan and her ability to help if you are willing to be open minded. One must be willing to listen and try to understand since what she can foresee, you cannot, or else we would all be as gifted as Susan. She has read for a number of my children and has become a super friend to all of us!”

~ Joe

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