Susan Williams
Hours of Operation:
Monday-Sunday, 11 a.m.-6 p.m. PT

Spiritually Guided Psychic Readings

The precision and insight from Susan Williams’s psychic readings are the product of her innate skills and talents coupled with the support of four spiritual guides who daily speak to her. These four angels communicate through her to help others.
Susan’s clients marvel at her skills.
“Stunningly accurate, my reading from Susan was at once enlightening and re-affirming. She managed to stimulate the connection I’d lost with my own intuition and guides. And it was fun!!”
~ Connie

Susan has been practicing her craft in person and via phone sessions to help hundreds of people worldwide. This is the reason her client base is large and loyal and continually amazed at her accuracy. She is happy to discuss this option with you when you contact her for support

Any of life’s proceedings and choices can be clarified and benefit from psychic guidance. There are many reasons why her clients reach out to Susan for readings. A few of them include:
  • Ensuring You’re “On Track”
  • Seeing Actions that Others Might Take
  • Selecting the Best Path from Many Options
  • Scanning for Health Warnings
  • Exploring Your Life’s Purpose
  • Minimizing the Severity of Unpleasant Upcoming Events
  • Receiving Messages from Deceased Friends and Loved Ones

Reading Fees

All readings must be paid for within 24 hours of receiving your scheduled reading date/time confirmation. You are invited to pay for your session in advance.
$50 per half-hour reading

$100 per one-hour reading