Readings with Susan are guided and directed by the four Angels which speak to her daily and communicate through her to help others.

Stunningly accurate, my reading from Susan was at once enlightening and re-affirming. She managed to stimulate the connection I'd lost with my own intuition and guides. And it was fun!!
  ~ Connie
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Since 1994 the in-person and by-phone sessions, Susan has reached hundreds of people from many areas of the world. Susan has a large loyal repeat clientele plus daily newcomers who are truly amazed at her continued accuracy.

The Moses channeling is an exceptionally awesome experience that will stay with you forever, FOR LIFE.

One of Susan's unique talents is in the area of helping people locate lost pets (and items).  If you would like more information about this service please contact Susan directly at: Reasons to have a reading might be:

Ensure that you are "on track"
See what actions other people might take
Select the best path among several choices
Scan for health warnings
Explore your Life Purpose
Minimize the severity of unpleasant coming events
Receive messages from deceased friends and loved ones

Any of life's day to day proceedings and choices can be benefited
by psychic guidance

Reading Fees:
(all readings must be paid for within 24hrs of scheduled reading date/time confirmation is provided -- you are invited to prepay for your reading in advance).

$50 per half hour reading
$100 for each 1 hour reading

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